Ronti Care Solutions

Based in Thurrock Essex, Ronti Care Solutions provides essential home support services to Adults who need support to manage their day to day, from young adults to older  people. Our honest, reliable, and friendly team always strive to provide the highest quality service to all. We understand that all our clients’ needs are unique, and we tailor our services to fulfil each and every requirement. When you choose us, we will pull out all the stops to support you.


I was really impressed with your service, the cleaner was thorough in most of what she did. The most impressive was my cooker, I would say she brought life back to the cooker. From not so white to sparkling white.

Uvi - 12/09/2018


The floors were cleaned thoroughly. All black marks disappeared. Also, I appreciate the consideration given to my young child of 3+, as we needed to use the microwave to make her food, the cleaner did the microwave first.

Toyin - 24/08/2018

I am super happy

have not experienced such high quality service before in terms of cleaning. I have had domestic cleaners before, however your cleaning is of high standard. I am very pleased. I am super happy with you and will recommend you 100% any day any time.. Lola 30/03/19

Lola - 30/03/2019

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